My name is Gadi, and this Blog is for thinking people. I will share thought provoking ideas that might change the way you view certain issues of daily life, politics and culture. If you like to challenge social norms and ideas, and believe that Humanities and Social sciences are Important for us, humans, you came to the right place.

The main subjects that will be discussed are Language and culture, Japanese and western culture, international relations, history, the gap between theory and practice and more. I started this site out of a mission, to show that humanities and social sciences DO matter, and I will do that by sharing my thoughts, researches and a vision to form an intellectual community that will enrich its members.

I grew up in Israel, I’m 30 years old and experienced many things. I got my B.A from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in East Asian studies and International Relations. I’m currently studying in The Grad school of International Language and Culture in Nagoya University.

If you have ideas, comments you would like to share with me, I’ll be happy to hear, and if you like my writing, please share it with other thinking people.