Mission statement?

Before I started my B.A I used to be a heavy consumer of the news. As an Israeli, politics made its impact on my life in a more explicit fashion, as opposed, I guess, to other teenagers in other parts of the globe. After I started my B.A in Japanese Area Studies and International Relations, I found myself abandoning the news almost completely. I studied the same subjects but from different angles, have learned how deep and complex world politics really is. Then I started to be dissatisfied with the superficial news articles and reports, and stopped watching the news almost completely . I was so immersed in my studies, and got so excited, that it became almost all I cared about. One day my mother asked me, when I came home for the weekend, “how are you”. I immediately started to ramble own about this article and that book, and how I would like to use them in my mid-term paper. Suddenly she got angry with me, and said, I asked about YOU, not your studies. It took her some time to understand that these issues occupy my mind, so this is my way to tell her how I am.

But as I dive deeper into the academic world, I find myself at a loss when I need to speak about politics with other people. Teenagers, my parents’ friends and so on. I just find it rather difficult to convey the simplest ideas that are in the heart of the consensus in my studies. Together with the calls from Israeli society that Humanities and social sciences are obsolete, I made it one of my goals to try to explain why Humanities and Social sciences DO matter and relevant, even more than before .

In Israel people use the term “Grass-studies” in order to mock Humanities and social sciences. it means that the students in those fields learn easy subjects with no importance to the real world, and thus sit most of their time on the grass on campus and talk. My ambitions is to change this image, as much as I can.


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